For over four years, "Jewasaurus" J-Silva, "Cactus" Pat Buck, and "2 Cocky" Kevin Matthews turned the podcasting world on its ear. They told stories of their travels and experiences in the business, broke the news about the mistreatment of talent in WWE, introduced us to the Wizard, took us through the highs and lows of running a wrestling promotion, and provided hours of in-your-face entertainment. As the years progressed, they introduced us to Brian Myers, fresh off his time with WWE, and took us on a ride through the creation of Create-A-Pro Academy and WrestlePro.
The show spawned two spin-off shows. Pat Buck created his own podcast, the Pat Buck Show, or "PBS." It served as a glimpse into his personal experiences, going in-depth with respect to how he saw the business and life in general. J-Silva also created a spin-off, the BRO Show, where he, Kevin, "The Stallion" Rollie Allen, and a host of other characters from the wrestling world, told stories of the road and spent plenty of time tearing each other apart.
While the boys have (un)officially called it quits, Two and a Half Wrestlers lives on. Even though there have been hints that the guys may return in the future, this is the place to relive all the greatness provided by the Bad Boys of Podcasting. Take a trip into the past and listen to the TWO AND A HALF WRESTLERS.

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