54 – T.L. Matthews , Even more lonely Virgil ….

Pat vents..alot ..  and upsets superfan Clark…

11 thoughts on “54 – T.L. Matthews , Even more lonely Virgil ….

  1. I think it is a shame that certain portions of this Podcast was not edited out…Pat Buck playing an Elitest as he verbally abused Clark in a taped telephone converstion…Also Kevin Matthew’s continuous abusive behavior towards me listing me as a faggot and gay…I had asked not to be mentioned on the Podcast. Jamie you knew how insensitive the show was and you should have known better to edit storylines out….I see there are no favorable comments listed because the show was “hateful” by three abusive sick hosts of the show..

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    • I would LOVE to own the Wizard. A pet Wizard would be awesome!! Don’t listen to them Wizard they are not your real friends, they are users ;P
      While I can understand that Wizard is a…unique…individual with some very…odd quirks. He is also a human being, and like all human beings can only take so much abuse. From the stories that are shared on the show it seems (at least to me) that Kevin and Pat DO take things too far sometimes, as does the Wizard. It seems obvious that there is only one way to resolve the recent upset… push-nelson and make up. I hope everything works out between you three and Wizard. Remember marriage is for life, not just Vegas.

  3. I’ve listened to this Wizard asshole run his mouth long enough. I am the true one and only boy wizard. Wizard , I will be at PWS on April 4th and 5th. I’ll have my wand. Bring yours and lets settle this once and for all , you old gay. P.S. Leave Curt Hawkins alone …

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