53 – WE ARE BAAACCKKKK !!! Jamie, Pat, Kevin and Dupree..

The boys are back to catch up on everything ! Including BLOW, PWS, Mr. Belding, Kevins thighs, Push Nelsons, The Wizard and much much more ! Then we give our pal and former WWF Tag Team Champion Renee Dupree a call…

9 thoughts on “53 – WE ARE BAAACCKKKK !!! Jamie, Pat, Kevin and Dupree..

  1. Dude this is awesome podcast, always hang out for your podcasts!!!!

    Im over in New Zealand listening to you guys go on about it and you got some hard ass words of wisdom which is awesome, plus got my mate who doesnt watch wrestling listening which is awesome

    Kia Ora dudes

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  4. I was told the GLOW show was at 1:00 and that is why I got there at 12:30…..No pizza party was intended…just wanted to say “thank you” to all the students who were always kind to me.

  5. Really glad the podcast is back. I look forward to your podcast more than all the others. I’m a fan of You Know What Dude, Comedy Cellar, Art Of Wrestling, Mohr Stories, Nerdist, WTF and others… But Two and a Half is the best. You guys are so good that any two of you can still do a good show. So I’m just saying that if Kevin oversleeps, I think a podcast with just Pat and J-Silva is still gonna be great. Sure I’d miss Kevin but I rather have a one and half wrestlers podcast than no podcast at all. I hope every Sunday works for you guys. You should start a message board too.

    You guys might want to consider doing a live video podcast via the Spreecast website. With Spreecast it’s a live show, with a live chatroom so your fans can interact, it’s a video podcast so you’re all on camera. You could easily bring fans or guests on the show. My friend does a show on Spreecast and it works out great. You should make it a bi-monthly ppv show and charge us $5 bucks each. Build up with weekly free podcasts and then get us to pay 5 bucks for the bi monthly or monthly LIVE video cast on spreecast. I’m drunk so this sounds like a great idea to me.

  6. I came across your podcast after hearing Pat on the Art of Wrestling, and I’m really enjoying it ever since I started listening. I really enjoy how you three don’t hold back and aren’t afraid to bury people.

    When Kevin gets going on a rant, it’s awesome…the guy is like a freight train that can’t be stopped. Keep up the great work, looking forward to hearing new stuff on a regular basis!

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